FICE believes that lasting changes to society can only come from ubiquitous, high quality, market relevant educational interventions to people around the world. FICE promotes market relevant education. It strives to create a coherent innovation and entrepreneurship oriented ecosystem for all.

Curriculum upgrade and faculty development for universities

FICE, along with its associates Sapience Consulting and Edunet Foundation, has been a leader in engineering curriculum management in India. Courseware from FICE (and its partners) is used in more than 2000 engineering colleges around India, affiliated to more than 10 state technical universities.

FICE offers industry led and relevant curriculum in diverse areas. This includes – but not limited to –  embedded systems, the Internet of Things, data analytics, cloud computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence and high performance computing. Most of our courseware and content is validated by key global technology companies. Our technology partners include technology innovators as well as those that deploy these technologies on a massive global scale.  

Following services are offered to institutions and universities:

Existing curriculum review and gap analysis
Content update, to reflect the latest in industry practices.
Content creation, as required
Faculty development workshops around the new and updated curriculum.

Please contact us if your institution would like to explore this further.